This page is for many weapons of tiers.

Lowest to Highest Tier.

RivalPS Melee Weapons List
Weapons----Melee Stats
American Torva NA
Oreo Torva NA
Sky Torva NA
Darth Maul Torva NA
Cash Torva NA
Silver Torva NA
Camoflauge Torva NA
Winter Camoflauge Torva NA
Airwhip(Obtainable from Pointzone for 125k Points, or Donation store for 500 Donator Points) NA
Bloodshot Camoflauge Torva NA
Rainbow Torva NA
Oreo Torva NA

RivalPS Ranged Weapons List
Weapons----Ranged Stats
Uzi (Can be Silenced) NA
Desert Eagle (Can be Silenced) NA
Ak-47 (Can have Grenade Launcher Attachment) NA
Dragunov (Can be Silenced) NA
Raygun NA
Thundergun NA
Golden Minigun (Top tier/Best Ranged) NA