This was the official launch update for Zanyte RSPS. So among other updates we also had our launch! Any feature previously added was in updates on the old source, Rebel317.

Updates 27.03:

- All ranged mobs drop bones and these can be buried

- All bosses drop "Boss Bones" which can be buried for the best XP

- New boss "Vortex God" (multi)

- Bosses have new combat strategies (draining prayer, spawning allies, teleporting, hitting through prayer, weakening stats, freezing, the list goes on)

- All magic staves required to train magic are now obtainable

- Key mystery box fully functional, rewarding players with various keys

- Changed the prices of upgrading items

- New item - "Death dart" - instakills an NPC.

-Fixed forum integration - now all ranks should be auto updated (totally wrong ranks before or didnt work at all).

-Fixed drop rates on pets - all mobs pets are 1:1000 (luigi is only one with 1:500) , boss pets are next : camo - 1:1200, winter - 1:1300,  bloodshot - 1:1400 and rebel god 1:1500 -PS : Items being changed as well soon.

- Added mkey chest to home - wait for client update.

-Changed drop rates on all items.

-Removed warrior sword and defender from luigis drops.

-Changed stats of foolproof armor (its now lower than purgatory).

-Fixed all commands (includes ::discord, ::home etc)

-Some items stats were changed to stabilize gameplay a bit (blame estpure if you dont like something)

-Vote rewards fixed (giving vote scrolls now instead of bronze scimmy)

-Guidebook fixed - now clicking on guidebook takes u to beginner guide on forums (estpure still has to fix beginner guide).