Rainbow Profile

The Rainbow Torva Armor Set is the highest tier Torva armor in game, coming in at 3rd best melee gear in the game. Rainbow Torva armor is both obtainable as a drop from the Rainbow Torva Boss, or for donating.

Rainbow Set

Individual armor pieces

Helmet | Platebody | Platelegs | Wings | Gloves | Boots |

Drop sources

Source Combat Level Quantity Rarity
Rainbow Torva Boss 300 1 Very Rare

-You may also donate for this armor for 450 dpts a piece


-On Rebel 317 Rainbow armor was the best set in game from Novermber 2017 until an update in March of 2018, where Cryptic and Burst were added.

-Was only obtainable through donation until the Magic Stones were added in March of 2018.

-When the Magic stones were removed in the V:27.03 update, a new Rainbow Torva Boss was added which now drops rainbow gear at a 1:300 drop rate