Foolproof profile

The Foolproof Armor set is the starting armor for the server. You automatically obtain it upon choosing a game mode. Modeled after the Purgatory set, it holds a salmon pink color. Slightly worse than purgatory, you should aim to upgrade out of this armor as soon as you can.

Foolproof set

Individual armor pieces

Helmet | Platebody | Platelegs | Wings | Gloves | Boots |

Drop sources

Source Combat Level Quantity Rarity
None - - -

-You automatically start with this armor for starting the server and choosing any game mode

-This is currently the only way to obtain it


-On Rebel 317 the starting armor was originally Lime armor, changed to Blue Dragon later on. With the launch of ZanytePS, we changed it to Foolproof.

-As of V: 27.03 Foolproof was released as the starting armor for the server.