Cryptic Profile

The Cryptic Armor Set is the best armor set on the server. The Cryptic Armor is a very hard armor to obtain. It's only obtainable through donations, at 800 dpts a piece ($80 USC) its a very expensive armor set to own. Giving ridiculous bonuses in attack, defense, prayer, strength, and summoning, this armor will allow you to fight the hardest bosses with ease.

Cryptic Set

Individual armor pieces

Helmet | Platebody | Platelegs | Wings | Gloves | Boots |

Drop sources

Source Combat Level Quantity Rarity
None - - -

-The only way to obtain Cryptic armor at the moment is to donate for it for 800 donator points a piece.

-Currently obtainable in Mega Mystery Boxes as the rarest item in them, soon to be removed


-On Rebel 317 this armor was the second best armor, right behind burst. It was dropped by the Plainsfreezer at ::Freezer, who now drops rainbow gear.

-As of V.27.03 cryptic is the best armor in the game